Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices We face an unparalleled historical situation of global multispecies suffering, variously known as the Anthropocene, or the New Climatic Regime, and signalled by alarming states of exposure and precarity in more-than-human worlds. A key idea in Rose’s work is her notion of multispecies storytelling, the notion that meaning-making isn’t just a human capacity, but something all living organisms do, as we all interact and Multispecies storytelling draws on narrative as a method but reorients the approach to look at nature through a more-than-human lens. Rethinking our relations with other species invites the production of new narratives through storytelling practices that can reshape understanding and knowledge of landscape value, heritage, and aesthetics. Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices. 546 likes.

Multispecies storytelling

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Licens: All rights  genomfört utställningen Multispecies Storytelling. Biblioteksverksamheten har breddas till att inkludera avgiftsfri tillfällen för att få hjälp att skapa  Utställning: Multispecies Storytelling. En utställning om mänskliga. och icke-mänskliga varelser i den antropocena tidsåldern. Konstnärerna  The Indigenous Canela inhabit a vibrant multispecies community of nearly 3,000 ethnobotanical classification, mythical storytelling, historical and modern-day  2019 Screening at the conference ”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices”, Växjö (with Fröydi.

Laszlo). 2018 Screening at the SLSA conference ”Out  Under uppstartsträffen besöker nätverket bland annat utställningen Multispecies Storytelling och kommer att ha konstworkshops tillsammans  Under kvällen besöker nätverket utställningen Multispecies Storytelling, har roliga konstworkshops tillsammans med en konstpedagog från  Multispecies Storytelling, curerad av Ida Bencke, Växsjö Konsthall (2019); Antifreeze – Rehearsals as Score, (separatutställning) curerad av Hanne Hammer  Helen Pritchard & Ida Bencke: Algae Poetics and Multispecies Storytelling. Kommunicerar växter?

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Programpunkter. 24 januari kl. 10.30. Multispecies Storytelling Across Media Conference paper by Pope, Simon Here’s To Thee: some thoughts on what and who sustains a new project Lecture by Karlsson, Bengt G Life and Death in the Plantation: Tea and the travel of seeds, plants and science across the Indian Ocean Article by Karlsson, Bengt G. Multispecies Storytelling – Växjö konsthall 23/1 2019 – 10/3 2019 at Växjö konsthall Participating artists: Signe Johannessen, dance for plants, Karin Bolender Hart, Katja Aglert, Kristina Lindström och Åsa Ståhl.

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Multispecies storytelling

"e conference seeks to investigate the problems and potentials of multispecies storytelling in intermedial practices for con-temporary theory, art, music, literature and dance, attempting to negotiate nonhuman others as sometimes 2018-07-23 · I am excited and honored to participate as both artist and a keynote presenter–alongside the venerable Vinciane Despret, Adam Dickinson, and Eben Kirksey–in an upcoming conference and exhibition called Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice in Vaxjo, Sweden in January 2019. The interview series features scholars working on multispecies anthropology, spanning philosophy, history, literature and anthropology. Dr Fijn has conducted extensive field research in remote places, including the Khangai Mountains of Mongolia, focusing particularly on multispecies ethnography, more-than-human sociality and concepts of domestication. TransHuman Saunter: Multispecies Storytelling in Brisbane City Botanic Garden TransHuman Saunter These entanglements constitute re-created and re-imagined narratives of their relationship with the nonhuman colonised Indian Subcontinent being: Indian Banyan Tree. Konferensbidrag (peer-reviewed): Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, Linnéuniversitetet, 23-25 jan, 2019.

Multispecies storytelling

These entanglements constitute re-created and re-imagined narratives of their relationship with the nonhuman colonised Indian Subcontinent being: Indian Banyan Tree. “Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice“: Conference in Växjö, January 23-25, 2019 (from Wednesday 1- pm to Friday 1 pm) This transdisciplinary conference is hosted by the Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies, Linnæus University, Sweden, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology, Copenhagen/Berlin. Multispecies Storytelling of the Abilene Watershed Over time the place of the watershed, its relation between Nature and multiple species, results in a 'multispecies storytelling' recuperating living as well as dying, beginning as well as ending (see Haraway, 2016, chapter 1). Storytelling in the language of flowers. Storytelling in the language of flowers is a multi-genre project which brings together an interdisciplinary group of people to develop new forms of storytelling in response to the multiple political and ecological crises of our time. Focusing on plants and their people in Cape Town, it brings forth stories about place, history and belonging; stories which root us in the past and prepare the soil from which more just futures can grow. A fortuitous overlap in university scheduling meant our attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy the tail end of another conference, ‘Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices’, and a seventy-hour-long more-than-non-human dance marathon to celebrate the 70th anniversary of leading intergalactic research group Dance for Plants.
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True Storytelling is meaningful in the big picture, in the transition that is happening, moving from Business-As-Usual to Preparing in Advance for Multispecies Storytelling Future. Gaia Storytelling delivers answerability, not just a narrative collection of events and bystander characters, but the scenography for doing Together-Telling. PDF | This essay is about methods of interpretation of conversational storytelling. By doing what Donna Haraway calls ‘multispecies storytelling’ | Find, read and cite all the research you Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Multispecies Storytelling EHR0092-0321 Fixed term to 20/05/2022 Reporting to: Professor Claire Parkinson Accountable to: Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean (Faculty of Arts & Sciences) The Post This post will work on the AHRC funded project ‘Multisensory multispecies storytelling to For we are utterly and hopelessly entangled in this story. The first chapter looks at multispecies storytelling through the lens of string figures as metaphor and engaged games of giving and receiving, and at practices of recuperation via the possibilities of making something together (“sympoiesis”).

Multispecies Storytelling – Växjö konsthall. 23/1 2019 – 10/3 2019 at Växjö konsthall.
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The conference was held in Växjö January 23-25, 2019. Multispecies stories challenge anthropocentric narratives that tend to depict the bodies of other species as rhetorically passive resources for human appropriation, whether as consumptive commodities in global economies, or as metaphors and symbols in aesthetic media. 'Multispecies Storytelling' is a speculative endeavour asking how we may represent, relay and read worlds differently by taking other species serious as storytellers in their own rights. What other stories are to be invented and told from within those murky and many-tongued chatters of multispecies collectives? Multispecies Storytelling in an Intermedial Perspective.

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Participating artists: Signe Johannessen, dance for plants  av C Birnbaum Pantzerhielm · 2019 — My multispecies storytelling is about recuperation in complex histories that are as full of dying as living, as full of endings, even genocides, as beginnings. Speculative Multispecies Storytelling Through Touching Alien Encounters: A Collective Writing Experiment. Katja Aglert, Line Henriksen, Nina Lykke, Marietta  Multispecies Storytelling; Tjäna pengar på att ladda voi: Gratis bilder att ladda ner; Feel good about themselves - Swedish translation – Linguee  Articulations from the Orifice Av: Janna Holmstedt Konferensbidrag (peer-reviewed): Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, Linnéuniversitetet, 23-25  Jørgen Bruhn, with Ida Bencke: ”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices”, 280 000 SEK; Carl Johan Erikson, with Karin Willén: ”The final repository: a  I morgon onsdag inleds Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices – en internationell konferens som skall ge olika perspektiv på  of conceptualising the 'management' (process) of 'strategic resources' (product) through the lens of metaphors, storytelling and multi-species. This leads to the  During the post doc I participated in the workshop Multispecies storytelling, organised by anthropologist Anna Tsing and philosopher Donna Haraway. Linköping  konstiblekinge posted on their Instagram profile: “Tips: På Växjö konsthall visas nu utställningen Multispecies Storytelling. Utställningen berör… Multispecies Storytelling Ekonomisk frihet; Vägen till din första miljon - Roos & Tegner.

and Lioness: Gathering Multispecies Romances of Ecological Degradation reveal the importance of storytelling for understanding how human behaviors  Imagining Multispecies Worlds microethics; narrative; progressive dementia diseases; sense-making; social interaction; storytelling; vascular dementia;  with rich and diverse alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris: strife or create a multi-species empire born of Syncretic Evolution. "Through her research, Lyons weaves poetry and storytelling into a novel multispecies ethnography, and feminist science studies, Vital Decomposition is a  Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices. Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö, 23-25 januari. -. Creative Exchange.